Bigger than a Blog

I started this blog only two years ago. It was great advice from Colleen Lindberg. I just met her and told her what was rumbling around in my brain over a coffee. She challenged me to set a date and just do it! She’s obviously a coach – and a good one! So Redlines was born; red for my hair, lines for… well, lines of writing! The first post talked about my mission, and it remains the same. Although the blog has had some slower periods it has provided me a way to research, grow my belief in my message, hone my writing, and develop a good topic base. Two years, by sheer coincidence, in the very month I started Redlines I’m moving to a new platform.

What is Bigger?

What is bigger than the Redlines blog is the passion I have to connect with people about their health and the health of the planet. Blogging has allowed me to grow in developing talks, and writing, and sharing an amazing company that aligns with my beliefs. Now they are all on one new platform. Visit my new blog (and subscribe there so you don’t miss any!) at my new website.

Am I Enough?

As I write this morning I’m feeling like I’m not doing enough. Maybe like I’m not enough at all. Writing helps me process these thoughts. It helps me share my ideas. And I hope it helps you learn to make changes from where you are in life. We can’t all become zero-waste, or vegan, or live off the land overnight. I look at that picture and think I could never jump that high. Sometimes jumping isn’t what it takes. It takes small deliberate steps in the right direction for lasting effect. I want that to be my message. I want my own setbacks and outright failures to inspire because they are real.


This last few months has felt like a big setback. I’ve had many little projects in the works, and none of them to completion. Lots of expenses, and little revenue. But isn’t that the catapult effect in business – or life? Pull back. Reset. And move head in a big leap! This will be my last post on this site as fly out of the tension onto new things. I’m banking on the fact that I can make that it’s time for that jump and that I can make it. I hope I can continue to provide a positive step or two along your life journey. See you on the new host site soon.

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